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  Get to know myCert With a significant importance developend in the last years,...
Published on 28 February


Get to know myCert

With a significant importance developend in the last years, the maritime sector is increasingly playing a crucial role in the developement of port cities and coastal communities, contributing to their wellbeing and prosperity. Safebridge is aware of this fact, and that’s why it has developed myCert, the first digital solution for maritime certificates.

An innovative digital eco-system

myCert is the result of a perfect mix of innovation, maritime knowledge and forward thinking which are part of the Safebridge`s work ethic since the beginning. Being a company that understands the maritime industry, and has not only the experience, but also the digital know how in changing for better this field of business, myCert can be considered a veritable digital eco-system for all maritime certificates, connecting three main players in this field: the issuers, the holders and the verifiers. With a new and fresh approach, myCert comes as a solution for professional users or businesses in order to better manage the life cycle of their certificates by having complete control over them from a single platform, totally secured and 24hours available.

Main Key benefits of the system:

·        ensuring the automation of the certification process

·        reducing operational costs

·        offering complete control over all maritime certificats from a single platform

In providing digital solutions for issuers, holders and verifiers myCert makes the maritime certificate process more efficient and reliable. This means that all the energy is channeld in expanding your business or your proffesional background.

Top 4 Benefits of the eco-system

1.     more control: A direct link between issuers and holders translantes into a larger degree of control with all the documentes/certificates involved.

2.     less errors: An unique ecosystem means also that an error can be easily corrected without all the paperwork involved and without disturbing the hole flux of documents.

3.     better communication: The communication between an issuer and a seafarer has the advantge of a clearer and swifter response because no  third party is involved.

4.     greater efficiency: This digital ecosystem makes every entity involved more efficient, from a business point of view to a professional one because all the players involved can focus on themselves and on their succes.

Developing a solution for every problem that a professional user or business has to deal with is the main purpose of myCert, in order to better manage the life cycle of the certificates. Check out more infos about Safebridge&myCert!


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