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Paper or digital certificate – which is best?

  In providing digital solutions for issuers, holders and verifiers myCert creates a...
Published on 7 November


In providing digital solutions for issuers, holders and verifiers myCert creates a single digital ecosystem that brings together all the actors involved in the maritime certificate process, making it more efficient and reliable. This means that all your energy is channeld in expanding your business or your proffesional background.

In order to convince you, myCert specialists will present you today the huge differences and at the same time the advantages of using this app as a primary way of obtaining and taking care of your certificates. Should you continue to use paper certificates to honour achievements, or should you embrace the technology and go for digitized certificates? If you aren’t sure which option to choose, we will help you. Here we go!

The arguments against ‘’paper certificates’’

If you are a certificate issuer, you are aware of the fact that the paper certificates method has become an ineffcient and time consuming one. Just think about how costly and risky can a certificate delivery be, using all the paper burd and transforming it into a long and inefficient process. Even though, this tangible form of recognition has its merits, serving as a visual reminder for one’s skillset, its efficiency is not proven anymore.

The benefits of digital certificates

Even though digital certificates don’t carry the same sentimental attachment as paper certificates, they are much more effective. Let’s discuss several key benefits you’ll gain by implementing a digital certification strategy for your association.

It’s in human nature wanting to reduce administrative times and costs. It is a fast and cheap delivery that involves personal and faulty storage. Using this means, you will benefit from an easy verification and you will have control of the entire certification process. Easy to create, easy to renew and cheaper to produce.

myCert certificates

With myCert, you can have your digital certificates ready in a matter of minutes. It is an automate process that further reduces costs and delivers your necessities in a fast and cheap way. All your papers are secured and accessible in a storage, being an easy and transparent process. myCert estimates that you will save up to 85% less with digitalcertificates than you would with paper. Plus, you’re saving trees, so there’s an additional reason to consider digital.

As you’ve learned, digital certificates provide a way to reward your members while growing brand recognition at the same time. The added ability to market yourself through digital certification is one of the biggest reasons why you should embrace this new technology. Because paper certificates are steadily declining in value, it’s time to shift toward a more secure, controllable, and cost-effective strategy. 


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