myCert at the EISAP 2019 Shipowner Association of Portugal Event

At myCert, we strive to create a safer and efficient digital ecosystem for the maritime...
Published on 25 June

At myCert, we strive to create a safer and efficient digital ecosystem for the maritime industry all over the world. Connecting the three key players in this field - the issuers, the holders and the verifiers of certificates - involves not only a lot of research but also a lot of administrative labour and time.


Hence, by following this philosophy and promoting our digital certificate management concept, we recently attended the EISAP (Shipowner Association of Portugal) Event in Portugal and participated in the 3rd annual meeting of the Portuguese shipowners.

Prof. Capt. Ralph Becker-Heins, Managing Director of Safebridge, was one of the speakers at the Event who presented the means of optimising and digitalising workflows between maritime administrations and ship operators.


With a new and fresh approach, myCert comes as a solution for professional users or businesses to better manage the life cycle of their certificates by having complete control over them from a single platform, totally secure and available 24/7. It has the potential to transform the traditional and complex certificate management workflows, thus enhancing your organisation’s reputation and greatly reducing the associated costs and time.


Different organisations have different priorities and requirements, but every organisation wants cost savings, integration and automation, fraud prevention, control of reputational value and improvement of its Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, and this is where myCert enters the picture.


We are glad to be a part of the Shipowner Association of Portugal Event, a movement that aims to contribute in strengthening Portugal’s maritime sector by supporting the creation of jobs for young Portuguese and European students in the maritime industry, onboard and ashore. The Association represents more than 80% of ship owners sailing under the Portuguese flag.


EISAP is also seeking to foster the creation of a significant maritime cluster in Portugal and work with professionals and experts from all the sectors of the shipping industry. Additionally, it seeks to encourage the establishment of business relations and coordination of research both nationally and internationally on legal and other issues, allowing members to have access to relevant information in regards to the maritime industry. 

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