The 10th International  Health and Safety  Conference titled: "Health and Safety - The Way Forward'' will take place on Saturday, November 2, 2019, from 9:00-16:00, at the Filoxenia Conference...
Published on 5 November

myCert at the EISAP 2019 Shipowner Association of Portugal Event

At myCert, we strive to create a safer and efficient digital ecosystem for the maritime industry all over the world. Connecting the three key players in this...

Published on 25 June

The end of certificate fraud: find out how to prevent it

Since the old times, credentials were issued as paper certificates which featured intricate designs, wax stamps, foils, embossing, watermarks, and other elements to...

Published on 22 May

Register now for our upcoming webinars to keep up with the latest trends in the maritime industry

Which do you think is our most valuable resource? You may say that it’s gold, water or oil… but, what about time? In a fast and forward moving era,...

Published on 5 November

Do you want to become a seafarer? Here’s what you need to know.

Their story seems exciting: sailing the deep blue sea, enjoying the salt waters and breathing fresh air for a living. Of course, there are pros and cons for this...

Published on 8 April

New technologies that will shake up the face of maritime recruitment

The  current industry buzz in the maritime field is predicting that the new technologies are set to change the face of shipping. The autonomous vessels, ...

innovative technologies, shipping industry, maritime trends
Published on 10 April

Paper or digital certificate – which is best?

  In providing digital solutions for issuers, holders and verifiers myCert creates a single digital ecosystem that brings together all the actors involved in...

maritime issuing process, digital maritime certificates, myCert app
Published on 7 November

We have the first digital solution for your maritime certificates: myCert!

  Get to know myCert With a significant importance developend in the last years, the maritime sector is increasingly playing a crucial role in the...

digital maritime certificates, maritime trends, myCert app
Published on 28 February