myCert for issuers delivers a complete solution for entities involved in maritime certification like training centers, classification societies or state authorities from flag states.

myCert for issuers:

Ensures better communication with the holders

Increases your employee production with the bulk issuing feature

Ensures the automation of the certification issuing process

Saves time with pre-defined templates

Customized solution

With this digital solution you can create your own type of recipients no matter who your clients are: people, ships or planes.

This is possible with the help of customized fields which you can deploy where you actually need the certificate template.

Fully integrated

By importing the recipients from excel files or integrating them with an ERP, or HR system, your employees can now focus on things that really matter and bring real value for the company.

User-friendly layout

In any type of business, appearance matters. That’s why myCert for issuers comes with a template design that speaks for itself and clarifies all the data.

With the possibility of a visual drag & drop interface, you will issue more user friendly certificates your partners will appreciate.

Digitally secured

This solution is completely secure making the procedure of certificate fraud difficult, due to the electronic or digital signatures and approval processes which eliminate any potential errors.

Better management

myCert for issuers increases your employee production by automating every certification process, allowing them to issue up to 1000 certificates with just one click.