Sail away with all your
maritime certificates
in your pocket!

myCert for holders is the digital solution which helps
seafarers get their dream job and always have their
documents up-to-date, without navigating the treacherous
waters of all the paperwork involved in the process.

Additionally, by having all the necessary documents
saved on the app, the seafarer has everything
he/she needs at all times with immediate access.

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myCert helps you get the job you want

Just like in every business sector, you have to prove your qualifications in the shipping industry as well. This is done with various types of certificates, verified by every employer in the maritime industry.

myCert provides valuable benefits regarding this process, with a smart and intuitive solution which helps seafarers organise and better manage their work-related activities.

myCert for holders.
The key to a seafarer’s success.

All the certificates are safe, in one place

With myCert, all the certificates are saved and kept safe on the mobile phone.

This ensures the elimination of any risks involving the loss of documents, theft or deterioration of certificates. At the same time the seafarer enjoys easy access to all the documents saved on the app, along with his CV which he can update any time.

Better chances of getting that dream job with faster control checks

The digitalisation of the certificates, affects the job interview process as well.

The moment the employer wishes to check the qualifications and level of competence of the candidate or any important certificates, he/she can do it with just a few clicks, instantly. Everything is saved on the app, with easy access.

Main features

myCert for holders is the app which provides all the answers regarding the life cycle of the maritime certificates. This is the app which puts all the certificates in your pocket, by digitalising the paperwork involved in the process.

  • helps to upload, download and share certificates

  • eliminates the obligation to physically hold all the maritime certificates

  • provides availability for viewing by third parties such as issuers and verifiers

  • provides availability for creating a profile and linking it with a Facebook and Linkedin account

Download the app for free!
Available for Android

Take the helm with myCert!

  • Use a single digital platform for all your certificates accessible by phone, tablet or desktop

  • Decrease the risk of loss, theft or deterioration of your certificates

  • Communicate better with your employer

  • Stay updated and take control of your professional career with a free digital solution