About - myCert - the first digital solution for maritime certificates

The first digital solution
for maritime certificates

The brand

myCert is the result of a perfect mix of innovation, maritime knowledge and forward thinking, attributes which characterize Safebridge's work ethic since the beginning.

With a new and fresh approach, myCert comes as a solution for professional users or businesses in order to better manage the life cycle of their certificates by having complete control over them from a single platform, totally secured and 24hours available.


  • CHAOS!
  • TIME!
  • CHAOS!
  • TIME!

Digital ecosystem

for the maritime industry

In providing cutting edge solutions for issuers, holders and verifiers, myCert develops a single digital ecosystem that brings together all the actors involved in the maritime certificate process, in a way that is more efficient and more reliable.

This means that you can focus all of your energy on expanding your business professional environment.

The benefits


A direct link between issuers and holders provides greater control measures over the certificates involved in the process.

FEWER errors

A unique ecosystem also means that an error can be easily corrected without all the paperwork involved while the whole flux of documents remains undisturbed.

better communication

The digital platform ensures more clear and swift communication between issuers and seafarers, which means that both parties know what they need to deliver in real time.

greater efficiency

This digital ecosystem makes issuers, holders and verifiers more efficient both in terms of business and professionalization as it allows them to focus on how to expand their capabilities.

The company

Safebridge was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, the third largest seaport in Europe and leading logistics metropolis. From the very beginning, Safebridge was considered one of the most innovative companies in the maritime industry for its development of cutting edge applications to digitalize and innovate this field.

The company embraced innovation and progressive E-learning concepts and focuses on delivering remarkable results for individuals and businesses alike.
Safebridge is a company which understands the maritime industry. It not only possesses the experience, but also shares the know-how, in producing pioneering solutions to this field of business.

The clients

We always aim to deliver the best results and provide
cutting edge solutions for our partners.